I was charged with a DUI in Bellevue in 2015. I searched for different criminal defense attorneys, and came across Peters Associates. It was the best decision I could have made. I was concerned if I lost my license I would also loose my job. To my relief Tom Peters managed to get my DUI charge dismissed in court. I am so grateful for his help.

Michael B


I hired attorney Tom Peters to help with a DUI charge I received after being stopped at a checkpoint in Bellevue. Tom was able to get my charges significantly reduced. Really happy I chose this law firm.

Avi O


If you need a criminal defense attorney in Bellevue, Tom Peters is your man. He aggressively defended me in court and was thrilled with the outcome.

James R


Mr. Peters is assuredly the most competent lawyer, most thorough in preparation for trial, drafting of pleadings, conducting discovery, and trial experience in his oral presentation of the legal issues and associated facts I have ever been associated with, be it as my lawyer or any opposition lawyer. His court room composure is 'unbelievable', as he instantly adjusts/adapts to the continuous changing oral arguments/environments of theories or facts as presented to the bench; which often alter the original best laid plans/preparation of prior legal theories in how to present his side of the matters at hand, prior to the actual oral arguments before the bench. He is the best prepared lawyer in any hearing, discovery proceedings that I have personally witnessed in his representation of myself.



Tom has a great mind to match his warm personality. He has the strong legal and people skills to be a successful advocate.

Gabriel Biello

Endorsement from fellow Criminal Defense Attorney

Great Attorney. I highly recommend him and his office! Don't hesitate to give him a call if you are in need of legal assistance.

Adelina D.


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